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Student Travel

 We  partner with educators to design educational travel experiences for instructors, academic departments, and university groups.  The itineraries are carefully researched to provide students with immersive experiences, tailored to their academic disciplines.  Our pedagogical and curricular planning experience provides instructors with the tools they need to ensure that students will have the once-in-a-lifetime,  global engagement experience that comes with traveling during  their university years.  Please let us know how we can serve your needs.  This is our specialty.

Alumni Associations

 We partner with Alumni Associations to create cultural and educational travel experiences.  Drawing on the inspiration of group members, we provide custom-crafted, immersive itineraries.  Whether your group is seeking to be taken off-the-beaten-track and deep inside local regional life, or whether they seek to expand their horizons and check the world's finest museums and architectural wonders off their bucket list, we've got you covered.  Join us!

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