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Individually Crafted; Expertly Guided Itineraries
Education Travel Experts, LLC is dedicated to providing impeccable, personalized, sophisticated, and seamless world-class travel experiences.  Our clients are individuals, university and alumni groups, families,  friends, and independent travelers who want to dig in and know deeply the places, people, culture, art, and heartbeat of history.  
We offer individualized, expertly-crafted educational and cultural travel experiences.  Our clients can expect travel that goes beyond tourism:
  •  Engage in conversation about the evolution of swing and then be thrilled by the best the New York jazz scene has to offer;
  • Find inspiration in the cross-currents of artistic movements, connecting the dots between the brushstroke of the painter and the warm harmonies of a French chamber orchestra;  
  • Be invigorated at our Curator Confabs in anticipation of attending cutting-edge theatrical performances at the world's most influential theatre venues. 
  • Around the clock - and around the globe - our trips are designed to inspire, invigorate, and engage. 
Join us!
Carol E. Kelly
Owner, Education Travel Experts, LLC


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