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Great Evening at The Traveler - We've already started Registration for the Bainbridge to Broadway Trip.  Want more information?  Just fill out the contact form on this page. 

Upcoming Travel Talk at:

The Traveler on Bainbridge.

Tuesday, February 19 at 7:00 p.m. to kick off our 

New York, By Design Fall Trip!

Join us for the talk - and join us

on the trip for 5 days of art, theatre, NY history and more!

 GREAT time at The Traveler on Bainbridge Island last night.  As promised, below is the list of places, wine selections, architectural sites, and artwork featured in the talk.

The Tour (Destinations we covered)

Paestum; Roma; Firenze; Venezia; Lago Maggiore; Marseilles; Lyon; Cahors; Cadouin; Saverne; and Paris.  We can do detailed itineraries in any of the locations.  For a sample, here is the link to our art and architecture tours.

The Wines

Aglianico del Vulture (Tenuta Del Porta Le)

Albrecht (Tradition Riesling) 

E. Guigal (Côtes Du Rhone)

Cahors Malbac

The locations

We covered a very long route.  Please contact Carol if you are curious about arranging individually-designed itineraries to any of the locations, or to find out about scheduling  trip.

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